Industrial knowledge and managerial experience

Thomas Obermeier

Engineer, TU Berlin

T + 49 30 84 50 95 53
T mobile: +49 174 30 82 480

Over 25 years of expertise in the waste management and energy sector in Germany and worldwide, coupled with extensive managerial experience, networking in relevant associations and organisations as well as over 10 years of consulting practice are qualifying Mr. Obermeier for all consulting fields.

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Managerial experience

From 09/1998 – 08/2002

Chairman of board of SVZ Sekundärrohstoffverwertungszentrum (Secondary raw material utilisation centre) Schwarze Pumpe GmbH 100% subsidiary of BWB (Berliner Wasser Betriebe) AöR

Until March 2003

employed with the new owner

Main task / responsibility

  • Company development
  • Reporting at committees (supervisory board/economic affairs council)
  • Presentations at congresses, fairs and specialist conferences
  • Strategy
  • Marketing, public relations, lobbying
  • Sales
  • Collective bargaining
  • Total technical and operative responsibility


  • Responsible for over 365 directly employed people and about 400 outsourced employees
  • Responsible for the investment of 50 million Euros in several projects
  • Annual budget of investment about 10 –15 million Euros
  • Responsible for turnover and profit of 60 –70 million Euros

Professional career

Area / BranchJob / Function / Company
System operation

coal gasification
Chairman of board

SVZ Sekundärrohstoffverwertungszentrum (Secondary raw material utilisation centre)
09/98 - 08/02
Power and waste management industry

Management consultancy
Strategy counselling, due diligence, project management, studies & concepts

Managing partner of TOM M+C, Berlin Management contract with ITU till 05/98
since 10/96
Plant design

consulting engineers

Sale, project management, public relations, presentations


ITU - Ingenieurgemeinschaft Technischer Umweltschutz GmbH (sister company of FTU, as above), Berlin, Munich, Dresden, Saarbrücken, Dieburg, Hamburg, Luxembourg, Innsbruck, Sydney, Shanghai, Bangkok

08/88 - 09/96
Environmental analysis

Sale, organisation, R+D


FTU - Forschungsgesellschaft Technischer Umweltschutz (company that researches in the area of Technical Environmental Protection) GmbH, Berlin
01/88 - 07/88
Waste management

consulting engineers
Creation of industrial and local waste management concepts, Economic and technical optimisation of sorting and composting plants, Organisation of a branch

Office manager

Engineering Association in the area of Technical Environmental Protection, Berlin, Saarbrücken
05/87 - 12/87
Environmental research

consulting engineers, university-related
Responsible for the application and carrying out of research

Innovation assistant

Prof. Jäger und Partner, Berlin
10/83 - 04/87
University GraduationBachelor of Engineering in Technical Environmental Protection

Technische Universität Berlin

Special skills, memberships and publications

  • President of DGAW (German association for waste management)
  • Vice chairman of bvse: Bundesverband Sekundärrohstoffe und Entsorgung - Sonderabfall (Federal association for secondary raw material and waste disposal – hazardous waste)
  • More than 50 publications in professional journals and presentations
  • Extensive net of contacts in industry, administration and politics