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We regard the solution of your job as an individual problem. Based on a detailed analysis we will outline a concept and support you with its integration and application in the following areas:


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Strategy counselling

Business processes, structures, systems, resources and the company’s culture will be considered in developing our strategy. The analysis will take in account general conditions as legal frameworks and the social environment.

Thinking and acting from the customers’ point of view

Having analysed the market structures and positioned the company or the product we will work out the development of both product and concept. Furthermore we will prepare the sale and support the marketing.

Employees are your potential. Success factors have to work together to become more efficient.

We mind acceptance, coordination, compatibility and qualification. Having fixed the aims and strategies, we minimize interfaces, increase the efficiency of cycle times and bring them into agreement with the costumer.

  • Competition and marketing analysis
  • Business analysis
    • swot-analysis
  • Strategy development
    • Alignment of business areas
    • Alignment and evaluation of personnel resources and organizational infrastructure
    • Reviews of models such as growth, cut or concentration
  • Strategy implementation
    • Auditing of business areas
    • Qualification of employees
    • In-house trainings
    • Preparation of management presentations

Selected projects

Due Diligence

Success of buying or selling a company is highly dependent of the quality of the due diligence. A qualified technical and economic evaluation of companies, based on substantial knowledge of waste management and power industries, allows to conduct successful transactions.

  • Organisation of vendor due diligence
    • Preparing of data room
    • Organisation of management presentation
    • Answering of questionnaires
    • Limiting of investors
    • Assessment of corporate concepts
    • Evaluation of offers from investors
  • Organisation of buyer due diligence
    • Organisation of evaluation of data rooms
    • Preparing of questionnaires
    • Preparation and participation at rounds of negotiations
    • Internal draft resolutions
    • Preparation of quotations

Selected projects

Project Management

Traditional consulting engineers and plant and construction engineering promise efficiency. However, only with a combination of experience in plant construction, maintenance and operation a technically reliable and economically maintainable performance can be guaranteed.
Technically experienced engineers, who set up, started up and managed plants, will help you planning your investments. They will support you during the permission procedures, represent the interests of the investor, take care of partial planning and organise an anti-claim-management.
For investments in waste management, power generation and sewage sludge treatment:

  • Preparation of project manual
  • Coordination of overall project
  • Establishing and monitoring of timetable, organisation and payment plans
  • Coordination and controlling of project participants
  • Update of planning objectives
  • Continuous information of the client about project handling and inducing decisions of the client just in time
  • Coordination of financing, funding and permit procedure
  • Project cost control

Selected projects

Studies and concepts

A reliable database provides the basis for feasibility studies to proof the implementation of strategic plans, e.g. for the implementation or expansion of separate collections.

  • Assessment of recycling potential
  • Separate collection of recyclables
  • Dual systems
  • Hazardous waste management concepts
  • Assessment of the recoverability of database
  • Comparison of data with key figures
  • Logistic concepts
  • Capital accounts
  • Forecast of waste amount and waste composition
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Waste management concepts, worldwide
  • Planning and monitoring of sorting analysis in particular before waste treatment plants

Selected projects